Saturn 0.2.0 — the international update.

Saturn 0.2.0 is the next exciting update to the Saturn early access BETA. So, what’s new?

Languages… So many languages!

Saturn is adding native support for international languages. Users will now be able to decide what language the control panel should be shown in.

We’re introducing support for Bengali, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Ukranian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and more.

We’re utilising the use of phrase keys to store and sort through phrases to be shown on screen using a simple PHP function.

A screenshot of Saturn’s korean translations file.
Saturn’s Korean Translation File

This means that we’re now able to ship Saturn to these countries with native language support. When you update your databases will automatically change their character sets to support any of the languages we’ve added if required.

We’re also working on per-user language support. That’s not quite ready yet but we hope to ship it with this update.

Too many files!

We hear you, files are becoming a problem. So let’s fix it! We’re adding a File Manager to Saturn which will allow you to see and sort through your media assets such as images of the Eiffel Tower, a video of a volcano, or a PDF explaining how much you love it in Spain.

You can see exactly where they’re used, and how much space they are using on your server.

Along with this new feature, header images no longer requires an image URL, you can now use one of your internally uploaded images instead.

Updater and Installer

We’ve completely redesigned the Saturn updater and installer to not only look better but work better too! You’ll no longer see that ugly default font, plus we’ve added pictures! As well as that, the updater & installer now work in localhost environments.


Who else hates it when you’ve just written a great article, you click save and BOOM! Your session expired 5 minutes ago so all your work is gone. It’s the worst feeling.

Don’t worry, we’ve added a new popout alert that will notify you if this is going to happen. We’re also working on new ways to keep your sessions alive for longer, whilst remaining secure. We’ll update you on this later if we decide to include it in this update.

When’s it coming?

We’re planning to release version 0.2.0 this summer. At the moment we don’t have an exact date but will post updates as soon as we do. For more information and updates, follow us on Twitter at @SaturnWebCMS and @LMWNWeb

We stand with Ukraine.

We stand with the people of Ukraine. We’re continuing to update our policies and help to create positive change. For more information please visit our Ukraine support website.



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